Our subscription plans offer different ranges of IFC capacity to suit your needs.
Please note the FREE plan is for NON Commercial projects only.



Per Month

30MB IFC File Capacity
For NON Commercial use only

Test small models up to 10 conversions a month. If your test project is commercial, please subscribe to another plan. If you need more space to test, please email us!



Per Month

200MB IFC File Capacity

A cost-effective plan so you can convert small projects fast.



Per Month

1GB IFC File Capacity

If you need more file storage, this is the plan for you.


Contact us

Do you need more capacity? Special packages to suit - 5G, 10G, 50G, 100G, 300G...

Working on anything mega big? Please let us know & your regional Sales Head will be in touch to chat through options.

Plan information

Our automatically scalable cloud service is situated on Amazon AWS cloud service and is created according to AWS's most secure service guidelines. This means that the AWS security team is automatically protecting our service security.

Once your file is uploaded using an encrypted connection, the files are saved to an encrypted file service that can’t be decrypted without AWS's decryption service. This means that the files uploaded to our file server are more secure than on most computers in any company premises.


Why does Tridify require your BIM models to be converted to an IFC format?

IFC format is a global standard that is not controlled or linked by any specific company or product, so the customers that use our service have the opportunity to use any design software that supports an IFC export; all major 3D architecture and CAD software have an IFC export functionality (ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla, VectorWorks, etc). Currently Tridify supports the IFC 2x3 format, so make sure that when you export .ifc files, to select the correct format.


What's good about choosing IFC?

IFC files not only have 3D data but also the whole data set for each object set in the CAD software. This means that our software can recognise different types of objects like a door, windows, etc. Additionally, you get all the data originally inserted to the objects, for example manufacturer, phase of construction, etc.


Multiple subscription plans, defined by IFC file storage and amount of conversion

The bigger the plan, you’ll get more file storage and conversions


Upgrade to a bigger plan at any time

Go to your account, click ‘My plan’ from the top right corner. From there you can change your subscription by selecting ‘Change plan’.


Subscription is valid until you decide to cancel

The subscription is renewed automatically every month if the subscription is not cancelled


Plan amount is automatically charged monthly from your card...

Until the subscription is cancelled


For other questions please visit our SUPPORT/ FAQ section

See link at the top of this page

Please note, in the Light plan you’ll get 5 conversions/month and in Standard 25 conversions/month.

Just to remind you that with Tridify you will be able to benefit from:

  1. Fast cloud-based conversion of your BIM to a VR Model
  2. UV-mapped and optimised models
  3. Easy to publish on the web (no apps or programming skills required)
  4. Simple to share & view across all channels, any device, anywhere, anytime
Working with Tridify , not only can we speed up our workflow so we can spend more time on the creative elements, we can turn around multiple projects in the same timeframe. Tridify is the must have service for any one developing a BIM-data to Unity visualisation workflow.

Adrian Esdaile, Senior Project Architect / BIM Manager, Billard Leece Partnership

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Share 3D Immersive Floor Plans on the web - easily & fast! 1GB Plan for 16 months - you pay just $1000!

Share 3D Immersive Floor Plans on the web - easily & fast! 1GB Plan for 16 months - you pay just $1000!

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