We are enablers

We are a people centric business at heart, with smart technology as our backbone; we love to help clients achieve ambitious business targets whilst delivering on customers’ professional desires and expectations. 

We create tools which enable our customers to improve productivity and have more time to be creative; we want to help people to share their vision with the world positively.

We are proud that our team is made up of the best and the brightest minds in their fields and we celebrate their ingenuity, innovation and imagination. With our energy, determination and competitive spirit, we aim to help shape markets, not follow them.

Automating workflow

Tridify was established in Finland in 2012 with our HQ in Helsinki and Sales teams based in Singapore, Dubai, London and Sydney.

Our technologists have over 30 years plus working in VR, and for the last 5, we have been focusing on developing a solution to automate the delivery of architectural 3D BIM & CAD models to Unity, with BIM data attached. 

To test the market and technology to both customers and stakeholders, we developed our own application called TridifyRT for AEC professionals. This software takes existing 3D assets and smart objects and creates immersive, interactive virtual environments that allow users to manipulate dynamic objects online real-time. 

Bridging the gap between BIM and game engines!

At first the automation conversion technology was developed as an internal tool to help deliver TridifyRT easily to architects, developers, interior designers and facility managers. Realising the positive impact it was having just by removing the hassle of manual modelling and reducing errors, with proven demand we have launched Tridify BIM online conversion platform and complementary BIM Tools to the Unity developer global community as a partner of Unity.

By downloading the Tridify BIM Tools, Unity Editor plugin, not only can developers access several automated features that include colliders, material mapping, automatic UV generation & lighting, but can connect all 3D objects to the original BIM data which will save time, money and human resources.

Meet the team

Introducing our key customer-facing team of specialists; we look forward to hearing from you. If you are passing our HQ, please drop in and meet our developer, creative and digital stars; grab a coffee, see some clever stuff, shoot some pool...

As EVP of Sales, I aim to connect people globally with our products and services, helping them to realise their full potential.

Juha Alanen


As CEO, I aim to steer the company through all waters, some uncharted, adapting the course when necessary to reach our destination with clarity and purpose.

Alexander Le Bell


As COO, I aim to help plot the course, manage all company systems to ensure good connectivity, enabling our teams to deliver their finest work.

Kirsi Kinnunen


As VP of Sales, I aim to find the right people who might benefit from our products and services, learn about their needs and show them the best path.

Tomi Haverinen


As Marketing Director, I aim to spark interest, build bright fires to show people the way and keep them burning hot so everyone wants to stay!

Paula Lain


As Business Developer, I aim to identify commercial opportunities, build and nurture long term relationships.

Nigel Alexander


As Head of Production, I aim to help show our customers and our company the most effective route to what they need.

Jukka Muhonen


As CTO, I aim to evolve and solve technical solutions to real problems so that people can be free to be more creative and empowered in what they do.

Juhani Korpinen


As Chief Architect, I aim to continually test our products and services, design fixes whilst evolving processes to deliver highly effective solutions.

Otso Alho


Join the team

We are rapidly growing and always looking for the best people to join our team. Whilst we may not have anything open right this minute, whether you’re a school leaver, a graduate, or an experienced chartered professional we are always interested in hearing from you.

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