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Tridify helps you deliver VR models for use across all stages of workflow including training, simulation, design consensus, planning, maintenance and more…
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Publish your BIM straight to VR online and interact with your model from anywhere (mobile & desktop). There’s no need for any technical know-how or additional software to publish your 3D interactive BIM model on the web.

Choose your favourite game engine (Unity, Unreal, WebGL) when developing your own application

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Tridify solved all my problems – importing and converting Architectural files became much easier, the new model runs smoothly in a browser but most importantly, all the BIM data was kept intact and it only took a few hours. I'm already looking forward to utilizing and improving our automated workflow for our new building at Hasle Linje in Oslo.

Bjørn Hegle, Solution Architect SmartX, ATEA

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