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Tridify expands virtual design beyond engineering to enable all stakeholders to engage and contribute to your project!


Design Better

Presenting large and complex environments in a tangible and inspiring way lets all stakeholders make meaningful contributions even at the design phase!

Reduce Risks

Gain substantial savings throughout a building's lifecycle: Simulated designs and changes create foresight & save resources on the way from design to delivery, maintenance and re-purposing.

Sell Faster

Share your vision with all stakeholders and speed up your sales cycle. Engaging visualisation by Tridify facilitates informed decisions and reduces the uncertainty of change.

Make your design alive with Tridify

Ride the first wave of smart, as a service

Tridify offers the most advanced solution that responds directly to the rapidly evolving needs of the construction and property industry. Tridify as a service, transforms engineering 3D models into engaging design, collaboration and marketing tools.

Check out Tridify introduction video and see what you can do with Tridify!

Tridify works in all sectors: Retail, residential, office, healthcare, manufacturing. From dynamic interiors of a flat to furnishing entire office floor or to space allocation and design of a shopping mall. Screenshots below illustrate what you will see while using Tridify.

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Tridify kuvakaappausTridify kuvakaappaus
Tridify kuvakaappausTridify kuvakaappaus

How Tridify works ?

Import Service, Virtual Environments, Client Applications 


Import service for your 3D models

We provide a full import service from your OpenBIM compliant 3D models as well as your preferred selection of 3D catalogue objects

Virtual Environments as Cloud Service

Your data is stored and is safe in Tridify. You control who has access to it. Changes made in Tridify can be reflected back to engineering models.

Immersive experience anywhere

Use Tridify with modern mobile devices and web browsers. Tridify works perfectly with virtual reality headsets and large 3D cave installations.

Three steps to Get Started




  • Your Company Account is created
  • Admin Tools are provided so You have full control on access rights
  • Training to help you get started


Import Service

  • Your engineering models (.ifc) and materials information is transformed into a virtual environment
  • Import Service includes optimisation for mobile device use
  • You may also add selection of your preferred 3D objects into catalog


Service Subscriptions

  • Subscription for each user that has access to your Company Account
  • Technical support is provided
  • Tridify update releases are included

Are you ready to start the journey?


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