Tridify is an intelligent online collaboration, sales and marketing tool for the AEC industry. Our software takes existing 3D assets and smart objects, and creates immersive, interactive virtual environments. Platform agnostic, and accessible via mobile devices, desktop and VR gear, our technology helps achieve ambitious sales targets, whilst delivering on customer desires and expectations.

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Built for the AEC industry

Whether designing, planning, constructing, re-fitting, selling or maintaining buildings, Tridify’s easy-to-use automated processes delivers on-the-spot, productive and cost-effective solutions for everyone in the supply chain. From concept through to delivery, Tridify’s technology is world leading for manipulating dynamic objects real-time and seamlessly across mobiles and tablets.

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Insight and foresight leads to greater efficiencies

Tridify enables everyone across the construction and development value chain to easily produce cost savings, shorten sales cycles and achieve a faster return on investment. As well as reducing expensive re-working, re-builds and wastage across the build process, we effectively address the issue of Decision Latency - the time that is lost waiting for all parties to agree on an outcome.

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Understand environments on a new level – instantly

Reduce change orders by assessing the environment before it’s been built

Tridify enables your models to be modified and adapted easily; Whether structural issues such as widening a stairwell or moving access points, to cosmetic considerations such as adding furniture, moving lighting, colouring walls or changing flooring, Tridify supports the process at every touch point of workflow.

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real-time interaction over mobile devices

Dynamic, real-time interaction delivers value at your fingertips

Tridify’s software is device agnostic so entire projects can be accessed anytime, anywhere and at any point in the process. We are world leading for manipulating dynamic objects real-time and seamlessly across mobiles and tablets, connecting Architects with Developers, Sales and Marketing with Planning and Facilities, all the way through to customers buying furniture for apartments or offices.

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